NEW RELEASE “One Wanton Wager” by Amanda Mariel

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A young widow in need of a husband…A determined rogue…and One Wanton Wager…Can the proposal of Alex Le Bec lead to ever lasting love?

A young widow in need of a husband…
Lady Daphne Summerville has grown weary of accepting the charity of her late husband’s family. No longer willing to be a burden to them, Daphne begins searching for a husband, a task that would be far easier to accomplish if not for the handsome rogue chasing her skirts.

A determined rogue…
From the moment the Earl of Bedford, Alex Le Bec lays eyes on Lady Summerville he can’t get her out of his mind. Now he’s determined to charm the attractive, witty woman into being his mistress. Too bad she wants nothing to do with an affair, and even less to do with him.

One Wanton Wager…
Not one to be easily dissuaded, Alex proposes a wager. He will fund Daphne’s future if she allows him the opportunity to woo her into something more clandestine. There is one catch–she must kiss him each time they are together. Daphne accepts the wager, confident that she can refrain from falling for the rogue.

After all, how much damage can a few kisses do?

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