The Code of Chivalry

The word chivalry comes from the Latin word caballus, meaning “horse”. In Late Middle English, the word takes on the meaning of “a horseman or mounted knight,” which is why we associate the word chivalry with the knighthood. Courtly love was one of the codes of conduct of Medieval knights along with behaviors like bravery, honesty, and courteousness–and showing respect and gallantry towards women was mandatory.

The Code of Chivalry was also the foundation for the strict rules of etiquette displayed by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. A knight who exemplified great importance of courtesy towards women may be known as a “knight in shining armor”. The rules of Courtly Love regarding chastity and fidelity further solidified this image of the knight.

So let us know, how chivalrous do you like your medieval romance heroes? Do you prefer a white knight who is set on doing good at whatever the cost? Or do you prefer a darker knight who remains chivalrous while breaking a few rules? Let us know in the comments!